Monday, January 17, 2011

Color Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face

Color Branding Affects YOUR Bottom Line

Part 6 Black, Gray & White
North American color associations

Black: night, sophistication, bad luck, evil, power, classic
Internationally black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be formal elegance. It creates drama and suggests sophistication. Black is good for higher-end products.

White: calm, purity, sterile, blank canvas, modern
White reflects and amplifies all colors. The human eye views white as a brilliant color, so it immediately catches the eye in signage. White is associated with sterility and the medical field, as well as weight loss, low-fat foods, and dairy products

Gray: boredom, neutrality, ashes, conservative, status quo
Gray is the color of indecision and uncertainty. It carries the connotation of lack of strong feeling. In nature gray provides camouflage, for gray wolves, gray elephants and gray whales. It’s also a camouflage in the business world, for gray suit, individuals who wish to remain noncommittal while keeping things status quo. If you don’t want your business to fade into the shadows, consider another color other than gray as the dominate color.

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  1. Hi Denise, I love your how you describe gray, North Americas new favorite neutral!


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