Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fashion & Architecture

Retro Color & Design Trends
By, Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG
Color Turners

Historically trends in clothing fashion, architecture, home décor, transpiration and even music occur simultaneously. Wars, elections and the economy affect colors and trends.
For example, roughly between two world wars (1920-1939) we were seeking stream-lined elegance; we were enthralled with transportation and movement. From this the Art Deco period emerged. Designs and motifs of this era mimicked, stream lined ships and planes. This period affected architecture, furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, graphic design and the entire fine and applied arts.

The post war of the 1950s propelled conformist ideals, for a better life in suburbia. We were content living in our little cookie-cutter pink houses with white picket fences and having role model families like Ozzie and Harriet, and the Cleavers. There was a chicken in every pot and fresh baked cookies for dessert. Life was simple; everything finished on a positive note. History continues to repeat itself. Although the 1950s was much a façade, we still hold the nostalgic ideals of a happier time in our countries’ history. For this reason there is a huge retro 1950s. When trends repeat themselves, they come back with a new spin. Just look at the “new” movies, tv shows, clothing, cars, clothing, home décor and colors; they are retro-1950s and retro-1970s.

The nostalgia trend continues to gain in popularity. We are gravitating to optimistic, feel-good colors and familiar designs that lift our spirits. Colors that represent escapism, nostalgia and fantasy are crucial to our wellbeing. Gone are the days of the highly polished glitz and glam. We now prefer down-to-earth authentic colors and textures that mimic nature and our past.

By in large, we are adding splashes of accent colors on less expensive décor items such as paint and accessories. For long-term investment items such as furniture and cabinetry we are opting for neutral colors, which are versatile and have staying power.

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