Monday, February 21, 2011

SAVE THE DATE: March 22-24 for IIDA's 4th Annual CEU Tour

Denise Turner is taking her color chips on the road....Come join the party!

Denise is presenting “Colors Unveiled” at the 4th annual IIDA, Ohio- Kentucky Chapter Traveling CEU Tour.

  • Tuesday March 22nd @ Noon – Louisville Kentucky
  • Tuesday March 22nd @ 6pm – Cincinnati Ohio
  • Wednesday March 23rd @ Noon – Columbus Ohio
  • Wednesday March 23rd @ 6pm – Toledo Ohio
  • Thursday March 24th @ 6pm – Cleveland Ohio


Colors Unveiled
What Your Favorite Color Says About Hue
IDCEC 40047, 1.CEU

Have you ever created a beautiful color scheme for a client, which you knew they would absolutely love, but when you presented it, they absolutely hated it? This seminar will demystify color’s urban legends and is a fusion of Color Physiology, Color Psychology and Cultural Colors. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what is going on inside someone’s mind, (including your own) just by analyzing their color preferences, helping you save time and improve your bottom line.

  • See how color and light’s impact on your emotions, behavior, energy level and overall health.
  • Gain knowledge on which colors to use for specific cultures and which ones are taboo.
  • Through a sensory experience, feel the difference of color’s light waves and learn how to apply it to your client’s advantage.
  • Gain insight on how to use color when designing environments for Autistic and ADD/ADHD children.

Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG is an award winning international colorist, Certified Interior Designer, speaker, author, artist, color & design trend forecaster, Chroma Therapist and president of the COLOR TURNERS.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feng Shui Color & Five Elements 2 of 2

Five Elements in Detail

FIRE- Passion & High Energy
Fire element supports career endeavors; it assists in attracting money.
Fire energy on its positive side is honor and fairness; on its negative side it stands for, war and aggression. It symbolizes fire, summer and heat.
  • Feng Shui Fire Element Color is red
  • Feng Shui Fire direction is, South
EARTH-Stability & Nourishment
Earth element helps create stability, nourishment and protection for all your relationships.

Earth energy supports and interacts with other elements. It symbolizes the neutering of the environment, so that seeds can grow. Earth energy on its positive side, denotes fairness, instinct and wisdom; on its negative side, it can smother or represent the nervous anticipation of a non-existent situation.
  • Feng Shui Earth Element Colors are yellow and brown
  • Feng Shui Earth directions are, Northeast and Southwest.
METAL-Clarity & Preciseness
Metal element brings in the qualities of sharpness, focus, precision, and efficiency; its balanced presence will help you live with clarity and lightness.

Metal energy is the deadly blade of a weapon or a precious commodity. It symbolizes autumn and strength. Metal, in its nature represents solidity and the ability to contain objects, while at the same time it is a conductor. On metals’ positive side, it denotes communication, justice and brilliant ideas; on its negative side it can suggest destruction, sadness and danger.
  • Feng Shui Metal Element Colors are, gray and white
  • Feng Shui Metal directions are West and North-West
WATER-Abundance, Ease, Freshness & Water
Water element brings a refreshing calm energy, ease, purity and freshness. Water is also the icon of abundance, thus a powerful Feng Shui cure.

Water energy is associated with emotions and can suggest fear, nervousness and stress. It symbolizes winter, water itself, storm and gentle rain. On water’s positive side, it nurtures and supports with understanding; on its negative side it can exhaust and wear down. It suggests the inner self, beauty and art.
  • Feng Shui Water Element Colors are, blue and black
  • Feng Shui Water direction is North
WOOD- Health & Vitality
Wood element is lush and healing; it brings in the energy of vitality, health and growth. It is the symbol of abundance and a common cure for prosperity.

Wood energy is, nurturing, expansive and versatile. It symbolizes spring, growth and plant life. In its Yang form, it is sturdy as the oak; in its Yin form it is supple and pliable. Bamboo is cherished throughout Asia, for its ability to be strong enough for scaffolding yet flexible enough to sway with the changing winds.
  • Feng Shui Wood Element Colors are, green and brown
  • Feng Shui Wood directions are, East and Southeast
COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn your knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feng Shui Color & Five Elements 1of 2

By now, many of you are familiar with the “Chinese art of object placement” or better known as Feng Shui.

Its objective is to harness positive “Chi” (energy) and deflect the negative, in order to balance an environment. When the Chi is balanced, it can improve health, relationships and financial prosperity. But did you know that COLOR plays essential role in this 5000 year-old tradition?

Thanks to modern technoligy, sicentest are able to make sense of the ancient formuls on what Feng Shui is based on. We’re all familiar with radio waves and electronic devices that transmit sound waves for television and radio. Color also has a vibrational energy. Each color has a different wavelength; red is the longest visable light wave while violet is the shortest.

Red gives you the biggest bang for your Yuan!
For example, red having the longest visable light wave and consequently the most powerful color, has been used for centuries by Feng Shui Masters to cultivate positive Chi. Red is commonly used on the doors of businesses to attract more money into the establishment.

In Feng Shui each color is associated with one of the Five Elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. The elements are used in specific areas according to the Feng Shui principles, to balance an environment. The Five Elements are also deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicines; they are the foundation of Acupuncture, Acupressure and Herbology.

COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn your knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cookies Are Powerful Treats

Yes! It's Girl Scout Cookie Time

In an age when you're watching every penny, it can be equally difficult to cough up between $3.50 and $4 for a very small box of cookies -- even if those Thin Mints are perhaps the best thing that will ever cross your lips. But before you say no, to those adorable, pint-sized cookie peddlers, think again.

Cookie sales help girls develop a strong sense of self-confidence, team building, goal setting, money management and much more. You see, cookies are powerful treats. They can do all this for less than a few bucks.

You never know, one of those little girls might be our future president or the scientist who discovers the cure for cancer or the leader who initiates world peace. While on a completely different scale, one of those little girls might go on to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award (highest award) and grow up to be an international colorist, Certified Interior Designer, speaker and author.

"Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place."