Saturday, November 27, 2010

Color Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face

Color Branding Affects YOUR Bottom Line
Part 2, Red & Pink
North American color associations
Red: blood, fire, heat, competition, emotion, life, energy, passion
Red is the longest color light wave. It raises your blood pressure, increases the heart rate and produces adrenalin, essential for “Fight of Flight”. Red gets our attention like no other color; it’s aggressive and ready for action. For these reasons it’s a familiar color for branding. 

Pink: sweetness, romance, innocence, femininity
Pink stimulates our sugar cravings, making it a “must have” branding color for all things sweet. Pink's message varies depending on its value intensity. Hot pinks convey energy, youthfulness, sexy, fun and excitement. Light pinks are romantic and childlike.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Color Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face

Color Affects YOUR Bottom Line Part 1
Color is the master communicator. It stimulates all of our senses and conveys messages like nothing else. It warns us of potentially dangerous situations, which is why street warning signs, school busses and fire trucks are painted OSHA Yellow. Additionally Mother Nature’s most venomous creatures are yellow.

Color plays an enormous role in conveying your business’s image. Not to mention affecting your bottom line. According to CMG, (Color Marketing Group) research the “right color” can increase your brand recognition by 80% and it’s also the reason why people decide to buy 85%.

Just ask these corporations, of the importance of creating a strong color brand. Starbucks is green; Coca Cola is red and any woman will tell you that sparkles come in Tiffany Blue boxes.

Some things to consider when selecting your brand’s color:
• Tie to your brand promise.
• It should represent your image and industry.
• Cultural colors and color psychology are greatly important. One color may be appropriate for one market and a disaster in another.

COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn their knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Color Blind

Seeing Their True Colors
As a colorist, whose lively hood depends on the ability to differentiate between colors and all their subtleties, I’m intrigued with the ten percent among us, known as the “Color Blind.” My curiosity with the Color Blind began as a child, when my friend Ronnie invited me to his grandmother’s farm and apple orchard.

His grandmother said “here’s a pail. I’ll give the person a prize that comes back first with a full pail of Red Delicious Apples.” This immediately became a challenge. With pails in hand, we trudged off in opposite directions into the orchard. He yelled “I beat you; my pail is full” Ronnie proudly carried them into his grandmother’s kitchen. Instead of his grandmother praising, for picking apples in record time, she scolded him for picking green (unripe) apples. Little did grandma know Ronnie, was color-blind; he couldn’t differentiate between red and green. Color Blindness is an over looked disability; it gets little notoriety or finincianal support. Sadly, it’s also something that people, tend to poke fun at.

Did you know that this dog can’t see as many colors as humans? But isn’t he cute?
Color Blind Facts:

• Eight to ten percent of men are color-blind; only five percent of women are.

• Less than one percent of the color-blind can only see black and white.

• A male inherits his color-blindness from his mother, whose vision is normal.

• Everyone is color-blind at birth.

• Bulls are color-blind. It’s the movement of the bull fighter’s red cape, is what angers them and not the color its self.

• Color-blind men, during World War II, were sent on special missions. Their inability to see green, led to an increased ability to see through camouflage.

• Color Blindness can be acquired through injury or disease. However in most cases it’s hereditary and present since birth.

• Hereditary Color Blindness is caused by the chromosomal differences between males and females, in which the condition typically is passed from a mother her sons.

Famous Color Blind People:

• John Dalton, developer of the atomic structure theory

• Bing Crosby, singer

• Mark Twain, author

• Matt Lauer, TV news caster

• Bob Dole, politician

• Mr. Rogers, actor

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Haint Blue

What’s A Haint & Why Do They Have Their Own Color?

According to paranormal experts, Haints are restless deceased spirits, who have not moved on from the physical world. They exist as non-physical energies that are stuck between the physical and the after-life dimensions. This particular spirit is nothing like Casper the Friendly Ghost. He’s/She’s more like a cranky, mischievous, teenager who has nothing better to do than wreak havoc in the house. Which is why you don’t want them hanging around.

Haint Blue is a historical color with great significance. In cities such as Savannah, there are many homes with blue painted door frames, shutters, porches and window sills. This blue/green color is woven into Southern folk lore; its purpose is to ward off evil spirits. It was first used by African slaves, to secure the entry of their homes from unwanted spirits; it represents water which spirits cannot pass over.

Here’s how you can get the right blue for hue.  
Although Haint Blue’s hue varies from city to city “authentic” regional historical paint color formulas are available. Color Strategies offers custom formulas for seven, authentic versions of Haint Blue. They have observed samples from original sources and custom color matched them using Benjamin Moore colorants mixed in MooreGard Exterior bases.

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