Sunday, April 24, 2011

Color Without Light

NKBA Northern California members defy the law of physics
What to you get when you put 90+ interior designers in a showroom and one colorist who’sthere to present a color seminar and all of the power goes out?
You get “Color Without Light”

In Color Theory 101, we learned that color is basically a matter of light and without light there is no color. But that’s not completely true and here’s why.

Last week I flew up to Oakland, to present the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Color Trends to the NKBA, Northern California Chapter. A one hour flight; one night in a hotel and spend the evening with my fellow California interior designers. It sounded easy, right? Wrong!

When we arrived at the Caesarstone show room, all of the power was out. Apparently there was a huge accident, which knocked out all of the electricity in the area. With a building full of guests and no power, to run the projector, pc and microphone, this had the potential of being a complete disaster.

As a professional speaker, who travels all over the world presenting color seminars, I’ve had my share of mishaps. Such as:

Forgetting about Day Lights Savings Time and missing my flight home. Then having to wait stand by for 9 hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds to only to get the most miserable seat on the plane. But happy to get it.

Flying 20+ hours into Asia, crossing multiple time zones and jet lagged. Then having my clients inform me, at the airport while loading my luggage and my weary body into their car, that I had a TV media interview in two hours. What the_ _ _ _ !!! Then being articulate, polished and awake enough to conduct the interview.

Presenting in a haunted conference hall, seriously! Voices (other than mine) came out of the speakers; power point slides advanced, when and where they wanted to and lights kept going on and off. After words, I explained to the event planner. She replied, “We’ve been having weird happenings in that room all week and thought sense you’re speaking on Feng Shui Color &  Energy and being from California you’re use to weird things and wouldn’t mind that room.” Thanks! Put me in the worst room, without warning; then insult me and all my fellow Californians.

But nothing could have prepared me for Thursday’s event. Sure, with all my vocal training my voice is strong enough to fill a large room without a microphone. Not being able to show the colors was a primary concern. Heck! That’s what I was there for.

Most importantly my concern was, not being able to deliver the attendees the excellent presentation that they deserved. I suggested that we do this another time. But NKBA’s leadership and the members refused to give up.

While the elegant guests were sipping wine by candle light in the show room, Adam, Caesarstone's show room manager and his astonishing team were working like stealths behind the scenes. Immediately after the power went out, they obtained an electrical generator and began pulling power cords into the building.

Sense failure was not an option and we were behind schedule, I began the first part of the presentation backlit by candle light, while running my pc off its battery. By the time I started showing the actual colors, the power went on. Thank god!

You see, with the right attitude and with enough determination you can defy the law of physics and see color without light. The NKBA Northern California members proved that it can be done.

COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn your knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Denise Turner winner, California Paint’s Color Challenge

California Paint’s Color Challenge had an overwhelming response from the design community. Hundreds of schemes were submitted, by interior designers and colorists from the US and Canada. Contestants were allowed to submit as many as five interiors and five exteriors. Denise Turner submitted five of each; she tied for the most winning color schemes (6).

Denise’s work is part of the 78 winning California Paint’s Color Challenge, which are on display in the ON LINE GALLERY and DESIGNER SELECTIONS color cards.

Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG is an award winning international colorist, Certified Interior, color & design trend forecaster, speaker, author and president of the Color Turners.

COLOR TURNERS turns the art of color into profit
Specializing in home fashion, building materials and health industry.

Colorist and author of Kelly Moore Paint’s 2011-2012 Renewal Palette
Colorist, author, presenter and media spokesperson for Nippon Paint 2009, 2010 Asian Pacific Color Trends:
• “It’s All About Days Filled With Colour”
• “As The Colours Turn, Scintillating Colour Knowledge”

As a high-energy, result-oriented speaker, Denise is passionate about inspiring her audience, so that they quickly grasp the importance of color and how it affects their businesses’ bottom line. Her seminars are customized for manufacturers, businesses, associations and CEU for interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners.

As a spokesperson for ASID National, CMG Expert Speaker’s Bureau and as the Contributing Color & Design Trend Editor for idS Magazine, Malaysia, Denise regularly appears in press. Winner of California Paint’s Color Challenge and her redesign of an ADA-compliant master bath won the HGTV Designer’s Challenge. Denise is A CMG Chair holder, ASID professional member, former ASID chapter president and UCLA graduate.

COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn your knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yoga Makes Your Chakras Spin With Delight

Energy Yoga Mats To Enhance Your Workout

There’s a good reason you feel like a god or goddess when you walk out of a yoga studio and it’s not because you’ve finally mastered the ability to twist your body into a human pretzel and actually like it. Here’s why. Yoga and other mind-quieting techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing, visualization, qui gong and tai chi can work as effectively as many medications at treating your ailments. “We now have compelling scientific proof that the mind can heal the body,’ says Herbert Benson, M.D., director of emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Brain Expander
Bad news! Your brain shrinks as you age, but here’s the good news; yoga can prevent it from happening. In a Neuro Report study, researchers discovered that the prefrontal cortex and the anterior right insula, areas linked to attention and sensory processing, where healthy and thicker in those who meditate. “It’s like exercise for the brain, making it stronger” says Rick Hanson, Ph.D., neuropsychologist in San Rafael California and author of the Buddha’s Brain.

Stress Buster
The deep breathing and visualization in Yoga promotes relaxation and suppress the release of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. It also lowers the blood pressure, slows the heart rate and eases digestion.

Immune Enhancer
The relaxation response causes cells to release micropuffs of nitric oxide, a gas that dilutes blood vessels and stabilizes the immune system. According to Dr. Benson’s report in the Medical Science Monitor, mind/body methods works as well as prescription drugs designed to do the same thing, but without the negative side effects.

Now, if all these reasons don’t convince you to grab your yoga mat and run to your nearest yoga studio, then consider this. Those Downward Dogs, Sun Salutations and Cobras are the secret to sexy curves and a strong, lean body.

For everything I’ve mentioned and then some, you can find me at the gym five mornings a week doing Yoga, Pilates and cardio. Yes I’m one of “those people”, the gym jock-ets who are always looking for new ways to kick up their technique. In doing so, I discovered a beautiful line of yoga mats, by Donna Johansen at Inspired Art D├ęcor, that allow me to hold poses longer, calm my mind faster and maximizes my workout. The thicker matt eases the bodies’ floor contact making it ideal for anyone with knee and elbow issues.

I work out on the gorgeous cobalt blue chakra mat. Chakra or energy center, a Sanscrit word meaning “Wheel of Light”. It refers to the body’s seven major energy centers that are positioned along the spinal column. Beginning with the Root Chakra at the base of spine and continuing up to the Crown Chakra on top of the head. Each chakra has a unique function that corresponds to a specific color. These energy portholes regulate the flow of energy in and out of our body. These energy yoga mats, called "NRG Mats" assists in rebalancing the body to its optimum wellness. They’re a must-have for all Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts.

Donna Johansen, an NCIDQ health care interior designer of 20 years, trained energy healer and artist. She creates healing paintings for health care facilities and spas. In her recent collection of yoga mats, Johansen incorporates the vibration of sacred geometric patterns, such as mandalas and healing Sanskrit symbols to bring in positive healing energy to maximize your yoga experience.