Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Denise Turner’s Seminar Schedule- April 21, 2011

2011-2012 Kitchen & Bath Color Trend Forecast

NKBA Northern California Chapter
Location: Caesarstone
2500 Teagarden Street, Unit A, San Leandro, CA
Day: April 21, 2011
Time: 5:30-8:30 pm
IDEC.1 CEU 5374
Have you ever wondered how certain colors magically appear everywhere in the market place and in a blink of an eye they disappear? Denise Turner, color & design trend forecaster and certified interior designer will explain why. This seminar is for fashion-forward kitchen & bath design professionals who want to be ahead of the curve and improve their bottom line.

  • Receive groundbreaking insight on future trends and sales and marketing practices that will make your company more financially successful.
  • Review the fundamentals of Color Theory & Color Physiology and use them to gain insight into your client’s color preference.
  • Learn how Color Forecasters track colors and trends; see how they turn their knowledge into sellable goods.
  • See examples of upcoming kitchen and bath color trends so that you don’t spend valuable time, creating designs or products out of discontinued colors.
Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG is an award winning international colorist, Certified Interior Designer and president of the COLOR TURNERS. She specializes in custom color palettes, color and design trend forecasting, marketing, color branding, product development, color therapy, writing and seminars.

Color Turner's Emphasis: manufactured goods for interior design, architecture, building materials, health industry

As a spokesperson for ASID National, CMG Expert Speaker’s Bureau and as the Contributing Color & Design Trend Editor for idS Magazine, Malaysia, Denise regularly appears in press. Her redesign of an ADA-compliant master bath won the HGTV Designer’s
Challenge. Turner has been a Professional ASID Member for over 20 years, a former ASID chapter president; has been a CMG member for seven years and a Chair Holder for four and is a UCLA graduate.

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Note: Please register in advance so that we can provide our sponsor with an accurate headcount. There is a late registration fee starting Friday, April 15th.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Denise Turner’s Seminar Schedule March 22-24, 2011

IIDA Ohio Kentucky Chapter, 4th Annual Traveling CEU. Tour

Where: Louisville Downtown Marriott
208 Jefferson
Louisville, KY 40202
When: 11:30 Registration, Noon CEU beings
Lunch will be served
Contact: Misty McCubbin 502-523-6451 or Mindy Bierman 812-282-9554

Where: Antonelli College
9100 West Chester Towne Centre Dr.
Suite 300
West Chester, OH 45069
When: 5:30 Registration, 6:00pm CEU begins
Heavy appetizers and drinks will be served
Contact: Carrie Maltesta 513-381-2112 or Cheri Tucker 513-607-6165

Where: OSU’s Urban Art Space
50 West Town St.
Columbus, OH 43215
When: 11:30 Registration, Noon CEU beings
Lunch will be served
Contacts: Britni Stone 937-287-1416 or Molly Bryant 614-582-0218

Where: NBS
4 North St. Clair
Toledo, OH 43604
When: 5:30 Registration, 6:00pm CEU begins
Heavy appetizers and drinks will be served
Contacts: Amber Stanley 419-344-6776

Where: Vocon
3142 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44151
When: 5:30 Registration, 6:00pm CEU begins
Heavy appetizers and drinks will be served
Contact: Donna DeCarlo 330-646-7798

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Color & Autism

Seeing Color Through Autistic Children’s Eyes
With Autism now affecting 1 in 110 children and 1 in 70 boys, it’s imper
ative that architects, interior designers and color
professionals be aware of the specific design requirements, for this growing population. Special consideration needs to be given when selecting colors and finishes, particularly for public spaces where children frequent.

Autistic children frequently have difficulties with sensory integration, which are the senses that are experienced through sight, touch, sound, taste and smell.

They rely on their visual senses to tell them what is happening since they often difficulty decoding verbal cues. Here’s another important fact that we need to keep in mind, when selecting color for children’s spaces. Researchers have found that autistic children’s rods and cones (components of the eye) have changed due to chemical imbalances or neural deficiencies. Colors appear more vibrant to autistic children. Of the autistic children tested, 85% saw colors with greater intensity than non-autistic children. The color red for example, looks fluorescent and vibrates with intensity.

Environments with too much stimulus on walls, floors and counter surfaces can wreak havoc in neurologically delayed individual’s minds. Declutter! Disorganized, cluttered environments make it difficult for everyone to concentrate, especially for autistic children. For this reason it’s essential that their space be simplified.

  • Use non-defined patterns in fabrics, flooring and wall covering.
  • Color schemes should minimal hues; muted colors are preferred.
  • Put books, toys and other distractions out of sight; place them behind cabinet doors.
  • Draperies and shutters are distracting; use simple, inside mount blinds
  • Although color preferences vary from individuals, studies have shown that many autistic children favor pale pink.
  • Reduce the use of primary colors to light weight toys, which can be removed from the space if needed.
COLOR TURNERS helps businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. We provide accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn your knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.