Monday, January 17, 2011

Color Isn’t Just Another Pretty Face

Color Branding Affects YOUR Bottom Line
Part 5 Purple & Brown

North American color associations
Purple: Purple-royalty, spirituality, creativity, sensitivity
Purple is the shortest color light wave, which helps us tap into spirituality and creativity. For this reason it’s favored by artists and religious leaders. Purple symbolizes bravery, in the US military; the “purple heart”, which signifies injury in battle. Sadly, purple is the most loved and sadly, the most hated color.

Brown: dependable, earth, grounding, stabile, harmony, hearth & home
Brown connects us to the earth; it suggests simplicity and stability. Brown is as comforting as a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. It’s the perfect color to ground more vibrant hues. It’s a timeless classic and is a favored color family because it adds longevity to products.

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