Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blah or Boudoir-Bedroom Colors

Even the most beautifully designed homes have a dirty little secret: a cluttered, dull and dreary bedroom. Since the bedroom is a private space, it’s generally the last to be designed. On the other hand, it should be designed first as it’s the occupant’s escape from the world. Bedrooms should be tactile and sensual. We spend one third of our lives in bed — we might as well do it in luxury.

  • Use high thread count linens.
  • Neutral, earth-based color schemes are nurturing; medium to dark browns are ideal because they soothe the soul. But if you’re looking for excitement, consider “RED”. Red stimulates the adrenal glands and other passions.
  • Selecting furniture in the right scale is critical. Make a to-scale drawing of your bedroom before buying furniture.
  • Remember, bedrooms should support the three R’s: Rest, Rejuvenation and, let’s not forget, Romance.
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