Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does Paint Color Scare Hue?

For my first blog entry in Color Talk Colorfully Inspired, I pondered on which article to select. So, I went to my foundation.. PAINT!

Selecting the "right paint color" should be adds to the list of "Things That Fear People The Most", just after dying and public speaking. This is unfortunate because paint gives you the biggest bang for your buck; it protects your largest investment and it's the easiest way to conceal a multitude of challenges.


  • Replace that odd colored bathroom tile. Then use a coordinating paint color to down play its undesirable features.

  • Completely furnish that living room. Then paint the walls in warm hues and the unfurnished room won't look quite as empty.

  • Replace that tattered, hand-me-down sofa in the living room. Then paint the walls in a color similar to the sofa; it will virtually blend into the background.

  • Replace that weathered, garage sale patio furniture. Then hit it with a can of spray paint; it will bring it back to life.

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