Friday, November 19, 2010

Haint Blue

What’s A Haint & Why Do They Have Their Own Color?

According to paranormal experts, Haints are restless deceased spirits, who have not moved on from the physical world. They exist as non-physical energies that are stuck between the physical and the after-life dimensions. This particular spirit is nothing like Casper the Friendly Ghost. He’s/She’s more like a cranky, mischievous, teenager who has nothing better to do than wreak havoc in the house. Which is why you don’t want them hanging around.

Haint Blue is a historical color with great significance. In cities such as Savannah, there are many homes with blue painted door frames, shutters, porches and window sills. This blue/green color is woven into Southern folk lore; its purpose is to ward off evil spirits. It was first used by African slaves, to secure the entry of their homes from unwanted spirits; it represents water which spirits cannot pass over.

Here’s how you can get the right blue for hue.  
Although Haint Blue’s hue varies from city to city “authentic” regional historical paint color formulas are available. Color Strategies offers custom formulas for seven, authentic versions of Haint Blue. They have observed samples from original sources and custom color matched them using Benjamin Moore colorants mixed in MooreGard Exterior bases.

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