Thursday, January 12, 2012

Got Small House?

Big Isn’t Always Better
In recent years, the answer was to call a contractor to make it bigger. However today’s soft housing market and high-dollar home equity loans have tempered consumer spending. In fact, smaller homes are in high demand because they are less expensive to purchase, maintain, heat and air condition. Here's how to maximize your home’s space without increasing its square footage.

  • If your refrigerator backs up to the garage or closet, many times it can be recessed so that there is more kitchen space.
  • Multifunctional furniture is critical. Storage ottomans serve as coffee tables and a place to conceal items when unexpected guest arrive.
  • Tankless water heaters save space and money.
  • Table and floor lamps add clutter. Recessed can lights free up valuable floor space.
Small homes encourage family interaction and are usually friendlier than larger homes; not to mention quicker to clean.

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  1. It is time for small houses and the end of too much stuff. My house is 1600 sq ft and people have been raising families there for over a hundred years including me. It is time for people to find the difference between what the want and what they need.

    A couple of color tips to make the most of your small house. On the exterior light colors make a house expand, dark colors make it contract.
    So use light colors and you house will appear bigger.

    Second paint each room in your small home a distinctly different color. Dar colors are great they don't confine you, they embrace you. Make all the colors familial and for your convenience pick a trim color that blends with all of them. Trim colors are the key to making colors work. The point here is that each room becomes its own environment, its own world. So you don't go from the living room to the dining room you go from one experience to another. This makes the house seem large because it has so many little experiences in it that stop you and make you take notice.

  2. Most of the people I know live in small houses, and I have rarely seen one which looked disorganized and cramped on the inside. All of the houses I've been to had beautiful interiors, especially the one that my friend in high school lives in. Looks can be pretty deceiving.

    Avril Copperfield

  3. Small houses are becoming a trend today, as there are certain ways now to maximize space with the help of technology. The use of advanced technology can help homeowners design and modify their houses according to the way they want these to be! There are also advanced furniture designs which are capable of serving multiple purposes.
    --Randy Robinson

  4. Well that's true most of the people live in small house because of multiple reasons, but the point of concern is that your small house should be neat and look well set. your smartness in selection of furniture can play its role in this regard. custom logo design service


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