Sunday, April 24, 2011

Color Without Light

NKBA Northern California members defy the law of physics
What to you get when you put 90+ interior designers in a showroom and one colorist who’sthere to present a color seminar and all of the power goes out?
You get “Color Without Light”

In Color Theory 101, we learned that color is basically a matter of light and without light there is no color. But that’s not completely true and here’s why.

Last week I flew up to Oakland, to present the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Color Trends to the NKBA, Northern California Chapter. A one hour flight; one night in a hotel and spend the evening with my fellow California interior designers. It sounded easy, right? Wrong!

When we arrived at the Caesarstone show room, all of the power was out. Apparently there was a huge accident, which knocked out all of the electricity in the area. With a building full of guests and no power, to run the projector, pc and microphone, this had the potential of being a complete disaster.

As a professional speaker, who travels all over the world presenting color seminars, I’ve had my share of mishaps. Such as:

Forgetting about Day Lights Savings Time and missing my flight home. Then having to wait stand by for 9 hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds to only to get the most miserable seat on the plane. But happy to get it.

Flying 20+ hours into Asia, crossing multiple time zones and jet lagged. Then having my clients inform me, at the airport while loading my luggage and my weary body into their car, that I had a TV media interview in two hours. What the_ _ _ _ !!! Then being articulate, polished and awake enough to conduct the interview.

Presenting in a haunted conference hall, seriously! Voices (other than mine) came out of the speakers; power point slides advanced, when and where they wanted to and lights kept going on and off. After words, I explained to the event planner. She replied, “We’ve been having weird happenings in that room all week and thought sense you’re speaking on Feng Shui Color &  Energy and being from California you’re use to weird things and wouldn’t mind that room.” Thanks! Put me in the worst room, without warning; then insult me and all my fellow Californians.

But nothing could have prepared me for Thursday’s event. Sure, with all my vocal training my voice is strong enough to fill a large room without a microphone. Not being able to show the colors was a primary concern. Heck! That’s what I was there for.

Most importantly my concern was, not being able to deliver the attendees the excellent presentation that they deserved. I suggested that we do this another time. But NKBA’s leadership and the members refused to give up.

While the elegant guests were sipping wine by candle light in the show room, Adam, Caesarstone's show room manager and his astonishing team were working like stealths behind the scenes. Immediately after the power went out, they obtained an electrical generator and began pulling power cords into the building.

Sense failure was not an option and we were behind schedule, I began the first part of the presentation backlit by candle light, while running my pc off its battery. By the time I started showing the actual colors, the power went on. Thank god!

You see, with the right attitude and with enough determination you can defy the law of physics and see color without light. The NKBA Northern California members proved that it can be done.

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  1. Good post, Irene!!! So the lesson is go on trying whatever happens and don't lose your spirits!

  2. Glad to hear it worked out and sorry to have missed it since I live in Oakland.

  3. Not much to add except WOW! Impressive!
    You go girl!

  4. Good stuff Denise. Way to hang in there and deliver the colorful goods. I've spent half my life in the dark and get tons accomplished. So, I hear ya!


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