Monday, February 21, 2011

SAVE THE DATE: March 22-24 for IIDA's 4th Annual CEU Tour

Denise Turner is taking her color chips on the road....Come join the party!

Denise is presenting “Colors Unveiled” at the 4th annual IIDA, Ohio- Kentucky Chapter Traveling CEU Tour.

  • Tuesday March 22nd @ Noon – Louisville Kentucky
  • Tuesday March 22nd @ 6pm – Cincinnati Ohio
  • Wednesday March 23rd @ Noon – Columbus Ohio
  • Wednesday March 23rd @ 6pm – Toledo Ohio
  • Thursday March 24th @ 6pm – Cleveland Ohio


Colors Unveiled
What Your Favorite Color Says About Hue
IDCEC 40047, 1.CEU

Have you ever created a beautiful color scheme for a client, which you knew they would absolutely love, but when you presented it, they absolutely hated it? This seminar will demystify color’s urban legends and is a fusion of Color Physiology, Color Psychology and Cultural Colors. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what is going on inside someone’s mind, (including your own) just by analyzing their color preferences, helping you save time and improve your bottom line.

  • See how color and light’s impact on your emotions, behavior, energy level and overall health.
  • Gain knowledge on which colors to use for specific cultures and which ones are taboo.
  • Through a sensory experience, feel the difference of color’s light waves and learn how to apply it to your client’s advantage.
  • Gain insight on how to use color when designing environments for Autistic and ADD/ADHD children.

Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG is an award winning international colorist, Certified Interior Designer, speaker, author, artist, color & design trend forecaster, Chroma Therapist and president of the COLOR TURNERS.


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