Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remodel Survival Tactics

So you’ve finally decided to remodel that 1970s kitchen - out with the Avocado Green and Harvest Gold tile. Wait! Those colors are back.Presuming you have a design, licensed contractor, building permits, architect and Certified Interior Designer, there are some things to do before bringing in the wrecking crew:

• Set up a temporary kitchen. Patios are ideal. Water and drain lines in exterior walls can occasionally be temporally routed to a utility sink. It beats washing dishes in the bathtub.

• Stay out of construction zones. It’s for your safety. Think ahead of where you place items to make them accessible and out of the way of the remodeling crew.

• Be flexible! Unexpected situations WILL HAPPEN!

• Contractor’s Aid. Designate a bathroom; keep the snacks and nonalcoholic drinks coming. Keep your sense of humor! You’ll soon have the home you desired.

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