Friday, February 24, 2012

Denise Turner-Keynote, Upholstery & Trim Int., Las Vegas 3-8-12

As the COLORS Turn
2013 Fabric/Trim Color & Design Trends
Did you know that color is the primary reason for purchases more than 85% of the time and that colors turn every six months to a year based on world events? Being unaware of these turns can impact your bottom line.

Denise Turner- is an international color and design trend forecaster, speaker, author, certified interior designer and colorist. She will present a session designed to provide insights into consumers spending habits and how they affect manufacturing practices, sales and marketing.

Attendees will further learn how color forecasters track colors and trends and how they turn their knowledge into sellable goods. Turner will also provide examples of 2013 color trends and offer some insights into what might be driving them.

Convention Lunch and General Session
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Las Vegas
Thursday, March 8

Many thanks to our generous sponsors:

 Color Turners-Turns The Art Of Color Into Profit
We help businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. By providing accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn that knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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