Sunday, October 30, 2011

Color & Nutrition

Mother Was Right
Denise Turner, ASID, CID, CMG
Color Turners

We’re all aware of the importance of color for interior design, fashion and its sheer beauty. But did you know the colors of the food we eat can have a powerful effect on our physical and emotional state?

“Homegrown” is the new trend. Farmer’s markets are springing up in every community. Lawns are being torn out (even at the White House) to be replaced by vegetable gardens. If you’ve considered planting a vegetable garden, this is your time and here’s why. The natural colors of purple egg plant, red strawberry, yellow squash and the dark leafy greens, deliver goodness, healing and vitalizing energy.

When selecting produce, we’re drawn to the brightest colored fruits and vegetables. We intuitively know these are the best. This comes to no surprise. Scientists have proven that brightest foods have the highest nutritional value. By eating the appropriate colored foods, it can rejuvenate and balance the system, making you feel brighter and more alive. For this reason, Registered Dietitians suggest we consume a rainbow diet.

RED FOODS: support the body by increasing levels of vitality, with foods that are rich in minerals and a good source of protein. Possible signs if someone has red deficiencies: lack of stamina, anemic, weak and light-headedness.

Vegetables: beat, red cabbage, radishes, red chili peppers, red bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions
Fruit: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon,
Other Foods: nuts, meat, fish

A diet rich in lycopene, found in large quantities in cooked tomatoes, reduces a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by 45%.

ORANGE FOODS: support the body by containing antioxidants, which protects us against serious diseases. It supports the reproductive system, encourages creativity and keeps us alert. Orange has excellent detoxifying properties. Possible signs if someone has orange deficiencies: stiffness in joints and problems in the reproductive organs.

Vegetables: Carrot, pumpkin, pepper, rutabaga, potato, butternut squash
Fruit: orange, apricots, peaches, persimmon, kumquats, mango
Other Foods: oats, brown rice, shellfish, egg yolk

YELLOW FOODS: support the body, by taking on the warm vibration of the sun. Most people working long hours indoors, with minimal sun exposure tend to deplete their yellow energy. Possible signs if someone has yellow deficiencies: exhaustion, restlessness, tension, poor nutrient absorption, digestive problems, lowered immunity, depression, hot flashes, inability to make decisions and poor memory.

Vegetables: Yellow pepper, squash, grains, nuts, yellow lentils
Fruit: Grapefruit, bananas, lemon, pineapple, mellon
Other Foods: oil, fish, egg, butter, food rich in fatty acids

GREEN FOODS: support the body as detoxifiers. Green foods tend to be high in vitamins and minerals. Possible signs if someone has green deficiencies: Difficulty breathing, negative emotions and feeling of being trapped.

Vegetables: Broccoli, cabbage, kale, sprouts, peas, green beans, leeks and dark leafy vegetables
Fruit: Pears, avocados, apples, green grapes, kiwi and limes
Other Foods: most culinary herbs

Green has beneficial effects on stomach acidity and blood pressure. If you are under great stress, you may need green- energy food.

BLUE & VIOLET FOODS: support the body with antioxidants; they support communication skills, glands and organs of the neck; blue & violet energy. Possible signs if someone has blue & violet deficiencies: inability to relax or sleep, respiratory problems, feeling confused

Vegetables: Current, mushrooms,
Fruit: Black berries, bilberries, blueberries, cherries, prunes
Other Foods: Black olives, fish, yeast

Vegetables: Oats, eggplant, shell fish, red cabbage, beats, purple onion
Fruit: Figs, dates, plums
Other Foods: kelp and all seaweed products

Eat your veggies!

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