Thursday, September 15, 2011

Denise Turner-Speaking at WCS, Oct. 2011

30th Biennial Western Coatings Symposium

2012-2013 Color & Design Trends
Monday, October 24
10:25am - 10:55am
The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

COLOR is the primary reason for purchase more than 85% of the time. Colors turn every six months to a year; based on world events, such as wars, elections and even the economy? If you are business owner unaware of these turns, it can adversely affect your bottom line. This seminar will provide accurate, tangible insight on future color and design trends to help turn your paint chips into profit.

• Receive insight into consumer’s spending habits and how they affect manufacturing practices, sales and marketing.

• Review the fundamentals of Color Theory & Color Physiology and use them to gain insight into your customer’s color preference.

• Learn how Color Forecasters track colors and trends; see how they turn their knowledge into sellable goods.

• See examples of the 2012-2013 architectural color trends and learn what’s driving them.

What Your Favorite Color Says About Hue
Tuesday, October 25
3:03pm - 3:35pm
The Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas

Everyone has a favorite color. They also have a color they dislike and will grimace at the mere thought of it. But do you know why? Colors Unveiled demystifies color’s hidden meanings and is a fusion of Color Psychology, Cultural Colors and Color Physiology. You’ll gain a greater understanding of what is going on inside someone’s mind, (including your own) just by studying their color preferences, saving valuable time.

• Through a sensory experience, feel the difference of color’s light waves in your electromagnetic field and use it to your business’ advantage.

• See how environmental colors affect your emotions, behavior, energy level and health.

• Gain insight into specific markets, and learn how to use colors that drive sales and which colors are taboos, causing adverse effects.

• Learn the best colors to use for individuals with autism, ADD/ADHD and ageing eye.

Turn Your Paint Chips into Sales & Profit©
In-House Color Certification Program for Paint Professionals

This is an entinsive, 8-hour in-house color training program, designed to give your employees the competitive edge in today’s market. It is specifically customized for non-colorists who work in the Architectural Coatings industry. “Turn Tour Paint Chips into Sales & Profit” is ideal for new hires, Property Management, In-Store Members and Architectural Sales teams.

OBJECTIVE: To better familiarize your employee’s with your paint color system, to provide them a safe environment where they work outside their color comfort zone and learn color fundamentals.

GOAL: To enhance employee’s color knowledge base, provide them with an overall color foundation, hands-on practical experience. The final goal is to give them the confidence to successfully create color schemes from your companies’ paint color system. Having your teams color savvy, will help you obtain your final objective, to increase profitability.“Turn Your Paint Chips into Sales & Profit” program was created and is presented by Denise Turner.

For more information on this comprehensive color program, contact Denise Turner

We help businesses and manufacturers make the best decisions where color choices are critical. By providing accurate and tangible ways to significantly reduce your business and manufacturing risks and turn that knowledge into increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Color Turners-Turns The Art Of Color Into Profit

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